In a modern society, water is one of the things in life we often take for granted. When we turn on the tap, we expect water that is clean, safe and suitable for all residential and commercial tasks. But in recent years, there has been a growing concern about contamination of our water supplies.

Lowe's Soft Water Service has been providing qualifed & dependable service for over 35 years. Offering residential and commercial customers innovatice equipment to eliminate their water qulity worries.

Quality of Water...

There are many things in America's water supplies besides H20. Some are harmful, most are not. The amount of a given substance, or even its sheer presence, may determine whether or not your water is safe. The concentration levels of these substances may dictate if you are dealing with an aesthetic issue, a long term risk, or an immediate health threat.

Some contaminants in water are not regulated or adequately controlled even though they pose immediate health problems when present. In some instances, the water treated by a public (municipal) supplier is okay coming out of the treatment facility, but is not okay when it reaches your home or office tap. In other cases, water treatment facilities fail to detect harmful bacteria up to 15% of the time.

Most of America's water supplies are safe. However, you may never know until it's too late if what you consume is safe, unless you check it yourself. The most important message we can deliver to you is that you need to take control yourself in monitoring (testing) and treating your water to be sure what is coming from your tap is in fact safe for you and your family. Whether it's someone else's responsibility (as in a public supplier) or yours (as in private wells), be sure to test it regularly.

Residential & Commercial Solutions...

Lowe's Soft Water Service offers residential and commercial customers:


        • Rent to Purchase Options
        • Salt and Chlorine Delivery
        • Water Softeners & Filters
        • Chemical Free Iron & Sulfur Removal Systems
        • Chlorinators & Untraviolet Purifiers
        • Reverse Osmosis Systems